ELB-23 ELB-27ELB-19ffELB-28ELB-30Topman Floral Shirt // Dior Sunglasses // Call It Spring Oxfords // Daniel Wellington Watch

Lately playing with shadows has been one of my favorite things to incorporate with my photographs. It really adds such an interesting moody mood, (yes I just said moody mood.)

I may start doing some informational posts to the blog – dabbling into photography, blogging, art and business. Let me know if this is something you guys are interested in as I’d love to share the things I do know and open a dialogue for you to share with me the things you know!

Photos by Miré Yang



Escape. Tranquilly. Sun-Drenched Bliss. Joshua Tree was everything I expected and more and I’m so glad I took up on the escape as I just got off a plane from NYC and really just wanted to crash into my bed for two years but when I got a work/play opportunity to go out to the desert I couldn’t deny.

My good friend just recently launched her clothing label and asked me for some help on the creative side so off we went into the desert to shoot her SS16 (first!) lookbook. I’m so lucky (and I thank the earth and the energy everyday) that I get to do what I love for a living at such a young age.

Before we got there I insisted on stopping at Whole Foods and we picked up all kinds of snacks cause you know your boy has got to eat and yeah everyone else does too I suppose, ha! Luckily we did as if one tip I say to anyone staying in Joshua Tree is pack some food, I mean SOME food. There is literally no restaurants besides Sams Indian Food which supposedly has pizza and subs (WTF) and a few not so great looking restaurants.

You better know this coffee lover found a gem even out in the middle of nowhere; Joshua Tree Coffee which has a badass cold brew and make everything right there. We got a change to talk to the owner who were oh so passionate about coffee (yay there are others out there!) Definitely a must stop if you are in the area and they do sell there beans to coffee shops in all kinds of other areas

So for Joshua Tree our photos came out amazing but beyond it all we all came home with this level of peace and appreciation for the simple things.








River-3Chapter Jumpsuit (Similar) // Dior Sunglasses // Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoes // Daniel Wellington Watch

I’m all about a subtle statement piece (if that makes sense.) And that is pretty much what I think this jumpsuit does for you. It’s different but its not peacocking, different. Every time I wear it out I’m constantly getting asked if it is two separate pieces and when I say “no” I get about a ten second delay in which my guess they are wondering how I go to the bathroom (if your curious, I don’t, I’m not like human or anything) and then I get how much they LOVE it.

I paired it with my new kicks which I got on sale at Marc Jacobs. The contrasting laces just sold me which I’m not sure is really a thing I should go around saying as I’m sure I could purchase all sorts of laces elsewhere but hey I didn’t say it was a rational decision, just a decision. PS, still not regretting it.

In Collaboration with Chapter

Photos by Miré Yang


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Look who caved and opened up my blog to the public. I’ve been debating on doing it for awhile as I have so much fun with video but so many amazing shots I haven’t been able to share because I don’t want to be an overkill on Instagram and this will give me a place to do that! Also this can be helpful for people that may want to shop my certain looks as I’ll do my best to post the link to the items or something similar.

I’ve bsen mixing it up and starting to mixing patterns, I really think it gives a real high fashion look. Another favorite lately has been white sneakers they literally make everything all the better.

I’m wearing: H&M Sweater, ASOS Pants (similar), Nordstrom Hat, Daniel Wellington Watch, Vince Sneakers (similar)

Photos by Mirè Yang




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This Coachella I really decided I’m going to come out and chill. Sometimes we get wrapped up in all the running around trying to do, see and meet everything and everyone that we don’t take a second to just chill. I always say I’m a type B person living a type A life (though I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Last Coachella I was with work and got the chance to meet many of the artists performing at Coachella as we were working with Warner Music interviewing their artists. Though once in a lifestyle opportunity and such an interesting experience I was exhausted running around from events, to the festival, and back to the hotel to edit and get an overnight turnaround. I was exhausted to say the least and that was not going to be this chella.

This time I stayed among friends Gregory and Eugenie at Sparrows Lodge though on blogger duty I was on major off duty mode because how could you not at this low-key rustic oasis? I spent much of my time out by the pool getting those ever neglected UV Rays.

Though it did take some effort I did make it out of the hotel to see a few performances and attend the REVOLVE, Calvin Klein and Misguided parties – which lets just leave those moments for Snapchat (whoisericjess.)